MMA is one of the fastest growing sports with increasing popularity and more university clubs created nationwide each year. To be comfortable with the demands of training and to develop the inherent trust required in a close-contact sports such as MMA, a strong community bond is needed between one another. 

Not only will the club endeavor to train you to the highest standard in a range of fighting skills, the committee will ensure we get to know each and everyone who is dedicated. 

As a club, we pride ourselves in working hard, but also having as much fun as possible. We will be running numerous socials throughout the year, letting loose at the wednesday Sinners socials for university sports teams and even venturing out to Dundee for a night you won't remember. However, for those days when training has left you just a bit sore, we will also hold many a recovery socials whereby the main agenda will be relaxing and watching a few films. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the social representative for any queries, worries or general questions about events.

For more information about the MMA Club socials join the Facebook group, Saints MMA: Saints MMA